Many of the frequent visitors to my blog may notice not only a new look, but a footer that proudly proclaims “powered by InMotion Hosting.” After years with A Small Orange, I jumped ship about two months ago due to my dissatisfaction. In this post, I want to tell about my reasons for changing hosting companies, as well as my experience with InMotion.

In the beginning….

Back when I started, I took quite a while to choose a host. I was on a budget so every penny counted, but at the same time, previous experience taught me that you often get what you pay for. A Small Orange seemed like the perfect company; A small company, great hardware, excellent customer service, and a variety of plans. So I signed up for one of their small hosting plans, and everything was great. Anytime I had a question or needed an upgrade in service, everything was handled promptly, and the staff was very knowledgeable. Their servers rarely crashed, and when they did go down, the tech team was on top of it fast.
Fast forward to May 2015. I had a few clients who wished for me to not only design their websites, but to manage it as well. To facilitate this, I wanted to setup a reseller account at A Small Orange. (This is exactly what it sounds like; A Small Orange Would sell me hosting, which I could then resell. I would also have a centralized control panel where I could manage how much bandwidth, disk space and so on each of my customers received.) I ordered the new package on a Wednesday, expecting to be ready to go no later than the following day.
The following Monday I received an email from A Small Orange that they couldn’t set up my new hosting plan because my primary domain was the same one I was using on my current plan. (It took five freaking days to figure that out?!) So I filled out a support ticket in an attempt to resolve the issue. And I waited. On Wednesday I still hadn’t heard back from the support team, although I did receive a marketing email trying to get me to upgrade to a more expensive package.
This was about the time I started searching the internet for customer feedback on A Small Orange. Everywhere I saw the same thing; starting in December of 2015, everything had taken a nosedive. Customer service, server uptime, tech support…everything was on a downhill run. After reviewing server downtime logs (which showed a substantial increase in downtime, something I hadn’t noticed because of using Cloudflare and a CDN) I decided it was time to abandon the sinking ship.
Note from AJ: For more insight on what happened to A Small Orange, see the article The Rise and Fall of a Small Orange.

Enter InMotion Hosting

I settled on InMotion Hosting after a lot of research. Prices were reasonable, and online reviews raved about their service and support. They also have an affiliate program so I get a little kickback for referrals from my website (when the content of your website is free, you have to find a way to pay for it). Reseller accounts (that’s me) include a few pieces of software for managing client accounts. Rounding out the deal was no long term contract, so I can cancel my service any time I want.
Setting up my hosting with InMotion was a breeze. After signing up online, I was email instructions for an over the phone security verification, which went smoothly. After the verification, InMotion had my hosting package ready to go in less than an hour.
I’m an old hand at setting up a WordPress site and managing my account through cpanel, but managing hosting for others was something new. Fortunately, InMotion has a huge library of tutorials from basic to advanced. The quality of the tutorials is excellent; good enough, in fact, that I have yet to contact customer support with a question. (By the way, I moved both my site and my customer’s sites with the plugin All in One WP Migration. Keep a watchful eye for my review of this great WordPress plugin!)
After getting my site migrated to the new hosting, I did a few speed tests to check the loading of Even before configuring Cloudflare and my CDN, load times were pretty impressive at 2.5 to 3 seconds for my homepage. Now that I have those additional serves, GTMetrics records .6-.7 second times for my site.
In review, I couldn’t be happier with InMotion Hosting. Everything is running smooth, and I have yet to run into any glitch or problem. I still can’t say how well customer service handles problems just because I’ve had no reason to contact them. While I’m sure part of that has to do with my experience with WordPress, servers and whatnot, a lot of the credit has to go to InMotion, who has created a service that works like the proverbial well-oiled machine. I’ll keep readers updated on how the hosting continues to hold up, so be sure to watch for those posts.
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