Hello all!  Progress on book one, Escape to Freedom, has been excellent.  My goal is to have Escape to Freedom on the bookshelves in the spring of 2012…tax day may be a good release date!

Escape to Freedom will set the stage for the rest of the Freedom Redux series.  Escape to Freedom takes place in the year 2049, in a small town East of Cincinnati.  Here we find Matt Pickett, Kirk Dillon, and Kirk’s son, Sebastian.  After Kirk and Sebastian stand up for their freedom, Sebastian is taken by the national police to a government boarding school for “re-education”.  Kirk Dillon, with the help of Matt Pickett, decides to rescue Sebastian and Escape to Freedom.

Please take the time to participate in the Freedom Redux poll “In what format will you purchase Freedom Redux?”  I am presently trying to decide if the book will be published both in print and ebook, or in ebook alone, so the polling data is very valuable.

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